Luis Bustamante Flores

Full Stack Developer · Santiago, Chile 🔥

I am an experienced Full Stack Developer, I specialize in the transformation of business needs into robust systems. I work mostly with B2B integrations and Data Intensive applications.


FB Album Reader

Facebook Album Reader

This is a Facebook integration with Graph API to read all albums of any public facebook page. It's very helpful to start a web catalog for a bunch of products which are only available in a Facebook page gallery.

PHP, Facebook API, Javascript, CSS


IOT System

I used Arduino and a WiFi shield (ESP8266) to build an IOT System, just a bunch of simple measures (ground and air temperature, ground humidity). I made a real time web dashboard integrating it with Firebase and Google Cloud Functions

Arduino, NodeJs, Firebase, ReactS

Lorem Lucho

Placeholder image service

Yet another placeholder image service, but with the same picture of the famous chilean TV celebrity Lucho Jara. You only have to set width and height according to your needs.

Golang, Heroku


Facebook Messenger Bot

I built a simple bot and integrated it with Facebook Messenger Platform to check when the next bus arrives a specific stop.

Bots, NodeJs, Heroku


Programming Languages & Tools

  • Mobile-First, responsive design
  • Focus on business needs
  • Integration with diverse functional teams


  • (2018) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics